The Fujita massage chair is the best on the market. Thank you for providing a source of relief for my back pain.
Tom in New york, NY
I used to have severe lower back pain, but since I started using the Fujita massage chair, my pain is gone. Thank you for making my life easier!
Jason Mullen
My wife and I find the chair very helpful on lower back tension. We use it almost everyday. My friends all comment that it is the best chair they have ever tried.
J.D. in Boca Raton, FL
Love our Fujita massage chair! I have seen competitors’ chairs and have tried them, but the Fujita chair is much better!
William Smith in Southlake, TX
Our neighbors used the chair and liked it so much that they ordered one for themselves the next day! The Fujita chair is wonderful for soothing sore muscles, as well as just relaxing. It is superior to any other massage chair on the market.
Daniel Lee in Woodcliff Lake, NJ





Advanced Quad-Roller Massage Technology

Massage heads that open and close these four massage styles can be chosen during a massage.


Acupoints Technology

You have approximately 350 acupoints in your body, with nearly 100 in your back and neck. From the soothing palm style of Swedish massage, to deep tissue kneading, to Shiatsu massage, the Fujita has a variety of techniques to target acupoints, resulting in invigorating energy.


Design of Colors of the Rainbow

European-style concise appearance plus dynamic colors of the rainbow create warmth and romance in the family. The gradually changing colors of the rainbow may regulate emotional tension. The unit integrates fantastic colors, music and massage to build a relaxing environment.


Design of Simple Operation

The simple operating procedures make it convenient for the whole family to use the unit which can be started or reset by pressing one button only.


External Speaker Design

The external superior loudspeakers possess unique and beautiful patterns, which can be connected with music sources like MP3, MP4, CD, computer, etc., allowing you to listen to super music without earphones.


Music Synchronization Design

">The design perfect combines massage and musical rhythm and melody so that you can easily integrate your favorite music with massage skills to get your body better relaxed.


Adjustable Leg Rest

The adjustable leg rest can be lengthened by up to 7.3", perfect for taller persons who likes to stretch out.


Foot Massage

Double massage of sole is composed of finger pressing which simulates human begins and air pressing, and they effectively stimulates acupuncture points and important reflecting regions of the sloe as well as help blood circulation.


  • - The World's First Intelligent Electric Armrest It is the first of its kind all of the world that can adjust the armrest attaining the ideal and appropriate space.
  • - Sync Movement Design - Base on the principle of Fall-to-Sleep design, when the backrest is lowered backwards, armrest will adjust automatically to reach appropriate massage posture.
  • - New Thai Body Stretching Massage - Thai massage is imitated to unfold and stretching the spine and legs.
  • - New Infrared Body Scan Technology - Infrared sensor technology can precisely detect different body type.
  • - 8 easy to use healthcare auto programs
  • - New Music Therapy System
  • - Powerful 13 Motors System - Delivers the most powerful realistic full body massage.
  • - Intelligent 4 Roller System - Flexible, conforms to back contour.
  • - Special Neck Massage - Targeted directly on stress relieving "tsubo points" on your neck.
  • - The deepest reach of all massage chairs today. It can actually hit the tailbone!
  • - Ultra-long Range Massage - Longest stroke length of 31". Reaches high up in the neck and low down into the tailbone section.
  • - Fatigue Relieving Air Massage - 47 Air bags are installed in for the legs, thighs and feet to massage the lower half of the body to promote stimulation of blood to the lower extremities.
  • - Adjustable air massage can be adjusted 3 levels.
  • - American-sized recliner - Built for toughness and durability to last.
  • - Full Control of all the functions at your finger tips. Customize massages to best meet your needs with the easy to use one-touch controls.
  • - Easy-roll casters - Design of wheels can be moved easily.
  • - Approved by CE, UL, FDA, ETL (US highest safety department), and ISO 9002.
  • - 3 Years Warranty which includes full coverage of all parts.


 Model:  SMK9100
 Name:  Fujita
 Massage Tracking:  31 inch
 Angle of laying:  95-170
 Angle of footrest:  0-107
 Timer setting:  15-30 minute automatic power off time
 Product dimension:  Approx. Upright - 36"wide x 47"high x 59"deep
 Approx. Full recline - 36"wide x 28"high x 70"deep
 Weight:  265 Lbs
 Consumption:  150W
 Power supply:  110V/60Hz, 220V/50Hz, 240V/50Hz