DRS21 4D

The Fujita DRS21 4D massage chair delivers effective and realistic massage motions that ease tense muscles and stimulates blood circulation.

Suggested Retail Price $10,999.00

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DRS11 4D

Fujita DRS11 equipped with the real human-like 4D massage roller, real 4D body scanning, 16 automatic programs, and much more.

Suggested Retail Price $8,999.00

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D610 3D

The FUJITA D610 Massage Chair is made by the next generation of 3D massage roller is designed for outstanding range and flexibility.

Suggested Retail Price $6,999.00

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DR91H 3D

The new 3D real massage technology with HEATED ROLLER in all FUJITA Massage Chairs is unlike any other massage mechanism on the market today.

Suggested Retail Price $5,499.00

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Fujita Massage Chair was formed by a group of professionals with more than 45 years of experiences in promotion harmony and balance between human beings and mother nature.
With headquarters located in Brea, our dedicated team, simple order method, efficient distribution, and effective market plan, we help our customers and distributors to achieve a healthy life.
We design, manufacture, and import a variety of high quality massage chairs to improve health and comfort based on the combined theory of natural healing, physical therapy, and acupressure.
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